The Business Networking Show
The Business Networking Show

Friday 15th Sept @ Wolverhampton Racecourse, WV6 0PE | 01278 393 250

A fantastic opportunity to showcase your business in front of a national audience



Robert Cox 11.00

Video Mindset 

Why you should become your own video content creator and why every business can benefit from online video.

Rob will show you how you can create professional business videos with just your smartphone.

During the workshop, we'll run through some vital top tips to make your videos more professional and help you present with more confidence on camera. We'll also show you some additional equipment to use with your smartphone to produce better videos. We'll run through an easy video setup which everyone will get to try. It will be an interactive workshop, bring yourself and your smartphone.

Rob Cox runs Video Mindset and has been working in the media industry for 15 years, 6 years in interactive TV, and produced his first YouTube show back in 2005, called 'this is a knife' for Channel 4. Rob says 'The internet and online video has changed a lot since I first started producing content on platforms like YouTube and the opportunities for businesses to utilize online video couldn't be greater'.



Maria Posiwnycz 13.15 

The Accountancy Firm


Just how many taxes are there?

Think that you know tax or
haven't got a clue where to start?

This workshop is for you

Test your knowledge and be informed
Don't pay more than you have to

01902 906 906


Adam Stevens 14.15

A State of Confusion

The vast majority of people pay attention to many aspects of their life such as relationships, work and money yet when it comes to food and its relationship with health, most people are extremely confused and this leads to big problems. You only have to look around our society to see this for yourself.

The solution, like so many aspects in life starts with education. Unbiased education around food has been proven to provide empowerment, which offers clarity around health, longevity and quality of life, giving you informed consent to achieve your health goals, whatever they may be.

Do not underestimate the importance of this seminar; you will walk away with a huge amount of value and many 'ah ha' moments.




Adam Redshaw & Tabitha Gray 15.15

UK Geocache Mag

The necessity of niche!
Why do you need to find your niche?
What makes you different?
How do you get your message to right people in the right way?
Learn how to deal with the challenges to success and distractions from your target!

07900 923 444